-Wear the Story, Live the Special
This event is all about embracing the ethos of "Wear the Story, Live the Special."

It's in the ordinary moments of everyday life that adding just a touch of something special can change the view. We invite you to discover the luxury of casual yet sophisticated everyday wear and bags, each with a story to tell. Experience the unique CRAFSTO universe, where every item is a blend of upcycled and sustainable materials, designed not just to be worn, but to be lived in. Join us in celebrating the extraordinary in the everyday.

Set within a meticulously designed space featuring original fixtures crafted from sustainable plant-based vegan leather, we invite you to explore our latest collection of Japan-made items. Moreover, we are excited to offer our guests an immersive workspace experience, allowing you to partake in the art of creation alongside seasoned artisans. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to dive into the world of craftsmanship and make your mark!


-The highlight of this pop-up store is the crescent-shaped apple leather bag, boasting a beautiful semi-circular form. Crafted from domestically produced apple leather, renowned for its durability of up to 10 years with proper care, this bag is designed with ample storage capacity, making it perfect for spring and summer outings. Its versatile design allows for both cross-body and shoulder carrying, facilitating easy transport regardless of the mode of travel and adding a touch of lightness to your everyday steps.

-From CRAFSTO, renowned for its gender-neutral and timeless designs, comes the brand's first-ever pair of pants! Responding to the much-anticipated requests from our customers for "CRAFSTO pants," we have created a staple pair that can be comfortably worn anytime, anywhere. The slightly balloon-influenced tapered silhouette offers a universally flattering fit, exuding a sense of relaxed sophistication for both men and women. This exceptional piece, worth trying on in-store, perfectly encapsulates the refined aesthetic CRAFSTO is celebrated for.


In this pop-up store, we have included a workspace where customers can participate. One of the highlights is the pet bottle bag, crafted by repurposing "tarpaulin," a material often used for banners, combined with plant-based vegan leather. This pet bottle bag, perfect for the spring and summer leisure season, becomes a custom-made product, finished with your choice of leather tag color. 


We offer a workspace where you can personalize popular items from the CRAFSTO "Future Prism Collection", such as card cases and fragment cases, with your favorite alphabet letters (up to 3 characters) through hot stamping. This space is designed for you to share in the creativity and craftsmanship that CRAFSTO embodies. 


Wear and bags finished through sustainable processes and techniques boast an effortlessly chic vibe, offering a satisfying lineup that balances lightweight comfort and functionality.
At our Shibuya Scramble Square exclusive shop, where you can explore our Spring/Summer 2024 new arrivals, you will find CRAFSTO’s original fixtures finished with the same leather and lining used in our products.
We eagerly await your visit in an environment that is friendly to both people and the planet, where our entire staff looks forward to welcoming you.


Duration: February 21, 2024 (Wednesday) to March 11, 2024 (Monday)
Business Hours: 10:00 - 21:00
Address:〒150-6107 Tokyo, Shibuya Ward, Shibuya 2-24-12, Shibuya Scramble Square 7th Floor L×7

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